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When you consider it, from the mail room to the boardroom, corporate crimes exist at every level and in every marketplace. Improper or illegal conduct comes in many shapes and sizes; from the misappropriation of corporate assets to pirated software to high-risk accounting transactions and financial reporting irregularities. These are real issues that appear across all the world and economies.

The H3 Intelligence Division consistently identifies improper or illegal conduct from misappropriation of corporate assets, pirated software, high-risk accounting transactions and financial irregularities. These issues combined with a client's susceptibility have created a potentially lethal mix, not to mention their false sense of security regarding corporate vulnerability, and would have led to irreparable economic hardship, damage to corporate image and in some cases, loss of millions of dollars, if not for H3's intervention.

Vendor Screening, Contractual Violations, Compliance Issues, Actual or Attempted Fraud, Product and Employee Movement, Corporate and Executive Profiling, Historical and Financial Profiles and Surveillance all factor into H3's mission to provide comprehensive due diligence reporting. Because of a quid pro quo highly sensitive collateral relationship with various sundry to be unnamed federal agencies we enjoy avenues of access that are unavailable to most individuals or corporations. These are trusted relationships that span several decades. These methods and applications employed by H3 complete that process, commonly known as Operational Analysis.

The proliferation of data available can be overwhelming to any client. Without professional collation and objective operational analysis, the dissemination of an intelligence report has a high probability of generating confusion. H3 assists clients in establishing how their business, product, service or venture will be affected. H3 helps the client identify the relevant high-risk areas for their potential business, thus allowing the client to work with sound intelligence when making critical decisions...decisions that result in success or failure, profit or loss.

The H3 Intelligence Division is comprised of seasoned intelligence analysts and operatives from a wide arena of theaters: Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Certified Public Accountants, Forensic Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors. The average team member has in excess of 20-30 years experience in this industry. We are the leaders in our respective fields. They don't make the product...they make it better.

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