Tactical Swimmer

The Tactical Swimmer course is a unique course designed for law-enforcement operators who must operate on the surface of water.

Modeled after the US Marine's and Navy SEALs Combat Swimmer's Course, you will be taught techniques in surface swimming, infiltration & exfiltration, reconnaissance, surveillance and special operations missions. In addition to tactics, you will be given basic water survival training, should you ever enter the water by a controlled or uncontrolled fall.

This course is also designed for harbor patrol units, tactical divers, USCG MSST and MSO / Boarding Teams, search-and-rescue personnel or anyone who works near a body of water or river. If you are planning to take any of our other waterborne courses, this one is an excellent primer for water safety.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Drown proofing exercises
  • Swim techniques (with various combat loads)
  • Equipment selection and mission loads
  • Waterborne hazards
  • Surveillance and infiltration
  • Boat casting & recovery (actually doing it)

Your Instructors are, and will be, US Marine Force Reconnaissance, Navy SpecWar operators and/or Royal Marine Commandos.

Like all H3 courses, this one can be tailor made in length and topics covered to best benefit your department’s or unit’s needs.

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