Ship Interdiction

Ship Interdiction is a one-day (8 hour) course created to provide participants with information and techniques necessary to plan, board, seize and search large vessels.

The training is geared for law enforcement, port police and USCG personnel assigned to MSST, Sea Marshal, boarding teams and VBST units.

Officer safety is stressed throughout the course; as is team assignments and team/individual movement. Realistic scenarios (that follow the short classroom period of instruction) emphasize approaching and boarding the ship.

Once on board, teams will utilize their skills in searches, combative and non-compliant subjects and securing the engine room and bridge.

Topics also include ship nomenclature and classifications, equipment selection, deck searching formations, on board hazards, basic close quarter tactics, crew & passenger handling, small and large scale operations and surveillance/intelligence gathering.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Ship nomenclature and ship types
  • Onboard hazards
  • Intelligence gathering and surveillance
  • Team movement and searches
  • Anti/counter-terrorism measures

Like all H3 courses, this one can be tailor made in length and topics covered to best benefit your department’s or unit’s needs.

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