Search and Recovery Diver

The Search and Recovery Diver course (SCUBA) is a two-day (16 hour), step-by-step course for divers. Whether or not your are currently on a dive team, if you are interested in learning law-enforcement methods of search and recovery in a maritime environments, this course is designed for you.

In this course you will be taught how to organize a search, supervise a team (both topside and in the water) and how to determine what are appropriate techniques and equipment to use for a wide variety of missions. Safety procedures and communications will also be covered.

Your Instructors are US Marine Corps combat divers, Navy SpecWar operators and/or Royal Marine Commando divers.

To enroll all you need is your dive card and open-water diver or higher certification. Active military personnel who hold military-dive certification are also welcome.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Equipment selection
  • Shore, line and circular search methods
  • Evidence recovery
  • Human body recovery
  • Hull searches (for narcotics and explosives)
  • Dark-water simulations
  • Occupational hazards

Bring your own diving equipment, or you can rent gear from a recommended dive shop near the training site.

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