Port Security

The Port Security course is designed for operators, team leaders and anyone in the chain-of-command who is in charge of, works with, works for the deals with ports or harbors. This training is focused in all aspects of the seaport security including regular criminals and terrorism. You will learn how to conduct a right check security and countermeasures, avoiding the risk and maximizing the officer safety in this environment.

A popular method of border crossing, for both humans & weapons, explosives/WMD is a cargo ship and cruise ships. The cruise are favorite, and easy, target for terrorist organizations.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Methodology of ship security
  • Responsibilities
  • Knowledge of current security threats & patterns
  • Recognition and detection of weapons, dangerous substances and devices.
  • Physical security
  • Electronic security
  • Physical searches
  • Ship security
  • Emergencies

Port facilities are usually extensive and difficult to adequately defend and effectively patrol. This course covers security basics and our Instructors (from Naval Special Warfare, US Marines, Royal Marine Commandos, Spanish Navy & Marines) will demonstrate to you the latest techniques, equipment and protocols.

The training will introduce to you basic aspects of security & force protection and can be tailor-made to your agency's or unit's mission and requirements.

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