Gas & Oil Platform (GOPLAT)

Gas & Oil Platform (GOPLAT) is a two-day (16 hour) course that few people outside of the military will have the opportunity to experience.

On a GOPLAT operation you are forced to think "spherically" because there are hiding places above you, beneath you, and on every side.

While you may never have to respond to a GOPLAT incident, this officer safety training will better develop your CQB and building search skills.

The first day is information-packed classroom time followed by hands-on training on how to board a GOPLAT structure. Then you will have a chance to go over tactics with your team—either the one you came with or a team we assign you to.

On the second day you will be transported by boat to the GOPLAT. Once you hit the platform's landing, it's all scenario training for the rest of the day; hostage rescues, searches, dealing with combative subjects and more.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Platform nomenclature and operations
  • On-board hazards and safety procedures
  • Intelligence and surveillance methods
  • Boarding methods
  • Seizing and searching a platform

This course, like all H3 training, can be modified and tailor made to best benefit your department or unit.

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