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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some frequently asked questions and their answers. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

General Questions

Group H3 (formerly HSS International/Hike Stalk Shoot) conducted our first sniper/counter-sniper training event in the California desert in May, 1991. The founders, all SWAT team members from several departments, began sponsoring their own SWAT Sniper training because they wanted to supplement the training they already received. In 2001 we initiated security operations and Homeland Security Programs for the fight against the terrorism and support the peace operations around the world.

All of our more than 125 team members are sworn law enforcement (tactical team leaders academy staff, surveillance operators, protection officers, maritime team leaders, range staff and snipers) or active duty military (Naval Special Warfare Operators, Marine Corps Special Operations personnel, Army Special Forces, Homeland Security Officials and combat doctors & medics).

Team members came from, and still come from, diverse organizations such as LA County SEB, US Marshals SOG, DEA, 42 Commando (UK), CIA, SEALs, Force Recon, Army Special Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Spanish Counterterrorism Unit, GSG-9, Scotland Yard, SO-19, numerous tactical teams from the United States and Canada and the Australian SAS.

While Group H3 supports right of the people to keep and bear arms, we believe that training on certain theories, techniques and practices should be restricted to individuals with an bona fide occupational requirement for them. As such, we will not train any non-credentialed personnel (outside of our tactical medicine courses where we allow firefighters, paramedics, employed EMTs and ambulance staff). We keep our rosters pure and adhere to the notion that police & military personnel should only be trained by operators.

In addition to regularly scheduled training, we offer contracted & tailor-made courses to best benefit the host agency or unit. We guarantee that all training with fall within acceptable use-of-force and rules of engagement policies.

We subscribe to the philosophy that it's more cost effective to bring our trainers to you then it is to have participants travel to us.

Using the Group H3 model:

  • host agencies experiences less operator downtime per training event since there is no travel requirement
  • operators are still available to respond to local emergency calls during training
  • participants train where fight with the equipments regularly available to them
  • costs are lowered since participants do not need to stay in a hotel
  • risks are reduced by traveling less with sensitive law enforcement equipment

As our instructional staff increased and our training curriculum grew and diversified, Group H3 found its niche in the tactical and officer safety world. We have moved from simple range training sessions to more realistic scenarios, including: counter-terrorism operations; tactical medicine and trauma care; explosive entries/breaching; use of Simunition and/or Airsoft weapons; helicopters and watercraft; multiple role-players (OPFOR), special effects and props.

Our courses include: Live-fire CQB; sniper training; waterborne operations; counter-terrorism operations; defensive tactics (DeTAC); bus interdiction; warrant service; tactical rope courses; aircraft & airport operations; VIP protection; convoy protection and operations; command post operations; MP-5 courses; K9; SWAT:, hostage rescue: post-incident investigations; internal affairs operations; and lectures given by leading experts from around the world.

Our business model is designed to best benefit a host agency or unit. We have been providing quality, cost-effective, in-house and tailor-made training since 1991.

Benefits of hosting include:

  • No hidden or up front costs
  • Two free spots per course with 8 minimum paying students
  • Three free spots with a total of 24 or more paying students
  • We handle the registration and administrative duties
  • You select the courses and dates that work best with your training schedule
  • All training with fall within acceptable "use-of-force" policies
  • Free event shirt to each participant
  • Tuition covers all Instructor per diem, travel, course materials, shipping, shirts, moluage (if required) and most training aids
  • Training is tailor-made to best suit your mission, departmental requirements and local jurisdictional needs
  • You provide the classroom and training areas

Group H3 is a full-service, professional security company providing services and products to government, corporate and prominent individual customers worldwide. We conduct PSD, static & mobile security, threat assessment, counter-narcotics operations/training, key facility protection, consulting, military advising and seaport security in the United States and around the globe. We have served more than 2,500 client organizations and bring our recognized logo, client relationships and reputation to all of its contracts.

Group H3 is always looking for qualified professionals, organization or companies interested in the possibility of joint business ventures and/or outside business opportunities.

Contact us if:

  • you have a verifiable training history or served in a forward area.
  • you are interested in defense and training operations.
  • you wish to represent us in your country or area.
  • you want to participate at the top levels.

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